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Block Paving

Block Paving Driveway with block pave edgings in a contrasting colour

We have been laying drives and paths using block paving products for many years.  Block Paving Driveways is a common site throughout the UK. Footpaths and Patio Areas look stunning, you can even see block paving methods on the High Street in most towns. 

Block pavers provide a versatile, strong and aesthetically pleasing flooring that can be used in any number of applications, including driveways, roads, footpaths, patios, steps, and many more.

We can help with all of your block paving needs, with expert advice.


Block Paving comes in a variety of colours, shapes and design.

The edgings can be designed to match or contrast.

We can work with all requirements and budgets to deliver a high quality finish. No job is too small or too large, so contact us today to discuss your requirements


Block Paving Paths


  • Block paving, landscaping

  • Wide range of colours and patterns

  • Enhance your property with a new patio or driveway

  • Serving and Upgrades available



We offer landscaping services including laying Block Paving.

Block pave driveway with contrasting edgins & steps

Also added some new fencing panels, posts & plinths

Block pave driveway with contrasting edging

 Indian stone paved patio using contrasting block paved edgings

Incorporated drainage 

Re-turfed the lawn

Indian Stone paved patio with block pave edges




We can incorporate a variety of designs, sizes and colour installing your driveway, patio or paths.

Herringbone 45 Degree

Herringbone 90 Degree

Basket Weave

Steps can be updated or added to a property to fit in, or contrast with the type of driveway you have installed.

We, at Tyneside Paving, install steps not just for your front door but also in your garden if that is required.

We can incorporate a variety of materials and designs to fit in with your requirements.

Steps in the garden can help give better access, especially if the landscape is uneven or sloped.


We lay quality Block Paving for domestic and commercial.

We lay new Paths, Drives and Patio Areas.

We remove old, and replace with new materials.

We build Steps and Kerbs.

Laying a block pave driveway

Laying a Block Pave Driveway

Preparation is the key.

First the lawn and driveway area has been dug up and removed.

The ground is leveled and compacted.

Hard core is laid on top and again, leveled and compacted.

A weed free membrane is laid, followed by sharp sand which is leveled and compacted.

Drainage, if necessary is laid, the outer edging blocks are laid.

The block paving is laid to the correct pattern.

Kiln dried sand is brushed in between the block joints, and compacted.

Finished - block pave driveway with contrasting block pave edgings.


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